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Qing Empire

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

  • Asia For Educators: An initiative of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute of Columbia University. Maps, Timelines, and primary source documents linked to essential questions that may help guide your research and thinking.

  • East Asian Scroll Paintings: University of Chicago Center for Art of East Asia. View the scroll paintings from the Qing Dynasty.

  • Internet East Asian History Sourcebook: Fordham University. Collection of resources on East Asian history. Use the cmd+F keys to bring up the search feature to find the resources on Qing.

  • The Grandeur of the Qing: Columbia University. "Each of the two emperors commissioned a monumental set of scrolls to record one of these tours, and asked a leading artist of the time to undertake the commission. The result was two sets of 12 scrolls; one scroll in the set commissioned by the Kangxi Emperor measures 85 feet long! Four of these inspection tour scrolls – two from each collection – are the focus of our exploration in this module."

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