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Egyptian Empire

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

  • Egypt Collection: The British Museum. "Some of the British Museum's best-known collection items come from Egypt, each with their own unique story. Video, blog and collection highlights."

  • Collection Search: The Egypt Exploration Society. "The Egypt Exploration Society has been investigating Egypt’s archaeological remains and engaging the public with its heritage since 1882. Today we have over 20,000 volumes available in the Ricardo A Caminos Memorial Library and an estimated one million individual items in the Lucy Gura Archive constituting a lasting record of those sites explored by the Society over the last century of exploration."

  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook Egypt: Fordham University. "Collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use."

  • Ancient Egyptian Religion | Teaching with Primary Sources: PBS Learning Media. "This inquiry kit has sources from the Library of Congress about the importance of Egyptian religion in the world history."

  • The Virtual Egyptian Museum: California Institute of World Archaeology. "The California Institute of World Archaeology was founded as a non-profit public benefit corporation in 1987 with the mission to apply new world computer know-how to the needs of old world archaeology. The Senusret Collection was gathered from old European private collections. The Virtual Egyptian Museum is a joint venture between CIWA and the Senusret Collection."

  • Egypt: World Digital Library. "Books, manuscripts, maps, and other primary materials on the site are presented in their original languages. More than 100 languages are represented in the WDL collection, including many lesser known and endangered languages."

  • Egyptians: BBC. Collection of artifacts accompanied by analysis.

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