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British Empire

  • The National Archives (Britain). "Discovery holds more than 32 million descriptions of records held by The National Archives and more than 2,500 archives across the country. Over 9 million records are available for download."

  • Colonies and dependencies from 1782: The National Archives (Britain). "This guide shows you how to find records held at The National Archives relating to the British Empire from 1782 and outlines ways of researching a particular topic. From the 16th century onwards, the British government amassed a wealth of documentation on its empire. The collection is therefore an unrivalled resource on the history of the British Empire and its former colonies."

  • The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913. "A fully searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court."

  • Colonialism British History Online: Institute of Historical Research. "Includes Board of Trade and Plantations Journals."

  • Digital Collections: British Library. "The British Library’s collection includes books, journals, manuscripts, maps, stamps, music, patents, photographs, newspapers and sound."

  • Collections: Royal Museum of Greenwich. "The National Maritime Museum (NMM) is the largest institution of its kind in the world, with 1,503,000 items related to seafaring, navigation and astronomy in its care."

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